A Premium Product

A Premium Product

Gundooee is focused on creating an environment that encourages growth, diversity and regeneration. We aim to be co-producers not consumers of the land we farm. That is the Gundooee difference and that’s what you will taste in our Wagyu beef.

  • Australian Certified Organic
  • Cattle are raised and finished on rotationally-grazed pasture
  • Expression of the cattle’s natural behaviours is encouraged

A Holistic Approach

Being the first Certified Organic Wagyu beef producer in Australia is no small achievement. The continued success of the farm is based upon Rob’s soil-focused regenerative farming techniques that work along side nature’s systems.

A holistic approach to pasture

The Gundooee Story

From humble beginnings in 1998 to a herd of 300 cattle strong, Gundooee is proud of its story and the journey we have taken to provide Australians with a premium organic Wagyu beef product.

Rob Lennon
Farm life

Gundooee can be found nestled in the hills west of the Great Dividing Range, about an hour north of Mudgee.

The Gundooee Getaway

Despite the St Ivan Fire of February 2017, we are again able to take reservations for the
Gundooee Getaway cottage.