2019 will mark the launch of the revised Gundooee brand which includes the Gundooee Getaways, encouraging those who have experienced the Gundooee produce to now experience the Gundooee farm.

Gundooee Guesthouse

The self contained cottage provides a peaceful escape from the stresses of everyday life in the city. The fresh air and new found knowledge of the Gundooee farming systems will have you returning home enlightened and relaxed. Eating the local produce amongst the stars will nourish not only your body but your soul as well.

Gundooee is the perfect getaway for people wanting space, and who are inquisitive of where quality food comes from.

“The knowledge and insight you can gain from a short stay at Gundooee is invaluable. This opportunity is a must for anyone wanting to connect to where their food comes from and understand more about the art of farming. Rob was a fantastic host. It was an experience we will never forget.”

Gundooee Getaway Visitors

Main Bedroom
The Gundooee Cottage
The porch
The bathroom

Getaway Packages

Gundooee Getaway Cottage

The Gundooee Getaway packages have been initiated (and culminated) as a result of my own realisation of a shift in the Australian food culture, and the growing number of people who are actively wanting to know about how their food is grown.

Why do people like to visit Gundooee?

  • To learn about (and eat) quality food
  • To learn about soil, and how our pasture is produced
  • To meet the cattle, and see where they live
  • Have a break from city life, and live a farmers life
  • Have a base to explore the local area
  • An opportunity to pursue sketching/painting
  • Experience nature, including several bush walks

Other places to visit in the region or on route

Gundooee Farm Getaway

Farm tour with Rob
Walk through the paddocks and amongst the cattle with Rob, and gain an intimate understanding of the farming techniques that make Gundooee unique. Learn what feed the cattle receive, the process of introducing natural microbes to the soil, and how Gundooee builds drought resistance. Have all your questions ready!

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Gundooee Art Getaway

Farm tour with Rob
Join Rob on a walking or driving tour of the farm, in search of good places to sketch or paint. Although Rob’s skill-set does not extend much to art, it has been noted by previous Getaway guests, the many opportunities which exist on the farm to fill a canvas or sketch pad.

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Gundooee Nature Getaway

Farm tour with Rob
There are many and varied walks around Gundooee, including our 100 year-old Quandong trees, and the remains of the first Gundooee house. On your two-hour tour, Rob will accompany you through the native bush and paddocks to where ever you would like to go.

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The farm is a refuge, so no hunting inquiries please.

Package information

  • Every Getaway visit includes a two-hour farm tour with Rob.
  • All linen supplied
  • Package includes a Wagyu beef meal with Rob (lunch or dinner) for every cottage booking night – the dish will vary depending on season and guest preference.
  • Arrival and departure times are flexible.
  • Pet friendly (though at Rob’s discretion)
  • For family stays there is a portable cot and pull-out sofa bed at the cottage which would suit younger kids, or bedrooms in the house for older kids.

General information

  • Gundooee is located about 85km north of Mudgee.
  • The farm is 860ha in size, and specialises in producing Certified Organic Wagyu beef.
  • There are many farm walking options around the property, including visiting the stone wall remains of the original 1880 Gundooee hut.
  • You can also enjoy a swim in our swimming pool or a game of tennis on our clay tennis court.
  • We have domestic dogs, cats, chickens and horses, and they will all love your attention.
  • Visit our rare Wild Australian Desert Quandong trees (Santalum acuminatum). This grove has three special trees which we believe are over 100 years old, and are an important part of Indigenous Australian food culture. We also have a fledgling ‘bush tucker’ orchard.
  • We have a 10 km unsealed driveway which may cause some issues for some vehicles, particularly those with a low ground clearance such as sports type vehicles – and more complicated if the weather is wet.  Vehicles can be left on a neighbouring property near our turn off if necessary as an optional extra.
  • Guests have the option to participate in the activities of farm life

Optional extras

  • Extra people (such as children)
  • What food and drinks you would like Rob to supply
  • Extended or multiple farm tour time. Additional farm tours can be arranged by negotiation @ $50/hour
  • Wagyu beef can be purchased at the farm to take home with you


  • Homestead meals (lunch or dinner – every day): The meals at the homestead will feature Gundooee Beef, are fully catered, and could include a BBQ, roast, Osso Bucco or broth/soup in winter. Rob cooks on an old wood-fired ‘Aga’ stove, and welcomes participation from guests when preparing meals.
  • Cottage Meals (breakfast, and lunch or dinner):
    • Breakfasts can be continental style, or a simple cooked breakfast.
    • We can also pack a hamper to have out on the farm.
    • Rob can provide food which is often sourced from local produce, including lamb and pork.
    • Guests also have full access to Rob’s personal vegie garden to help create their meals.
  • Morning and afternoon tea: These are catered for by Rob, and could include some home-made baking.
  • Drinks/alcohol: Drinks are not necessarily supplied as part of the package, but we look forward to sharing drinks between ourselves and guests.
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Your next step is to give Rob a call on (0429) 750-350 to discuss dates and package options.
If you prefer e-mails, use the contact form and Rob will respond with-in 24 hours.

Getaway FAQs

Can I buy the beef on site? What is included in the cottage meals? Answers to these questions and more are available in our Gundooee Getaway FAQ’s.

Read our FAQs
Getaway FAQs


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