Despite the St Ivan Fire of February 2017, we are again able to take reservations for the Gundooee Getaway cottage (from October 2017 and beyond).

Gundooee Guesthouse

The self contained cottage provides a peaceful escape from the stresses of everyday life in the city. The fresh air and new found knowledge of the Gundooee farming systems will have you returning home enlightened and relaxed. Eating the local produce amongst the stars will nourish not only your body but your soul.

“The knowledge and insight you can gain from a short stay at Gundooee is invaluable. This opportunity is a must for anyone wanting to connect to where their food comes from and understand more about the art of farming. Rob was a fantastic host. It was an experience we will never forget.”

Gundooee Getaway Visitors

Getaway Packages

There are packages to suit those looking to gain education, as well as looking to enjoy a rural escape in a beautiful part of NSW.

Two Day Farm Getaway

Meet the maker and the food

$550 AUD

  • All food provided, including one Homestead meal
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Includes 2 hour farm tour with Rob Lennon
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Paleo Getaway

Details Coming Soon

Fermenting Foods

Details Coming Soon

Unfortunately at the moment due to the St Ivan fire we’re not able to accept new bookings. Normally Gundooee Getaway is a two nights minimum stay. Additional $200 per extra night stay. The Gundooee Getaway is an 18+ year old experience. The farm is a refuge, so no hunter inquiries please.

Enjoy feeding the horses, playing with the dogs, walking amongst the cattle or on a nearby track. Even play tennis or take a swim if the weather inspires it. There are endless activities to occupy a day while staying on the Gundooee farm.

2-Hour Farm Tour

Walk in the fields amongst the cattle with Rob whilst gaining an intricite understanding of the farming techniques that make Gundooee unique. Ask anything from what feed the cattle receive to the process of introducing natural microbes to the soil, to how Gundooee build drought resistance. Make sure to have your questions ready.

2-hour Farm Tour
2-hour Farm Tour

Endless Activities

Walk the farm or one of the many nearby tracks, play a game of tennis, take a swim in the pool, feed the horses, collect freshly laid eggs, play with the dogs and enjoy a front-row seat to an amazing night sky. Even get your hands dirty on the farm if that’s your cup of tea. There’s no shortage of activiteis to keep your mind distracted on the Gundooee Farm.

Getaway FAQs

Getaway FAQs

Can I buy the beef on site? What is included in the cottage meals? Answers to these questions and more are available in our Gundooee Getaway FAQ’s.

Read our FAQs